All done for 2016

Another successful course has been completed and we have again received some excellent feedback which we shall post on here soon.  After the comments received we have now bundled our two days together as the candidates made vast improvements between the two days, and we have added a "rapid reporting" day to satisfy the hunger of our candidates for more rapid packs.  We listen, so that you can all succeed.  Thanks to all who helped and attended, and good luck to the candidates!

Here are some of our recent comments...

Here are some real quotes from our course feedback:

"Good long cases, well thought out and at a good level"

"Really useful practice with a good mix of cases "

"Thank you very much for organizing the course- very helpful, useful to simulate the exam setting so closely. Very well organized, relaxed and friendly."

"Excellent course, same format as the exam. Quick fire cases were good, tutorial excellent. "

" Thank you for organizing this course. I found it very useful and very helpful feedback which I will try to utilize for the exam itself.  Excellent tutorial.  Sufficient breaks.  I think the exam format is very like the course you have created."